About Us


Local Lead Marketing is a Young and Dynamic Digital Marketing Agency. We Offer a Unique Performance Based Solution to Local Businesses.

Local Lead Marketing was founded in 2013 by Antony Girgis and Simon Purcill. It was specifically designed to be as ethical and simple as possible with the end goal of increasing sales and revenue for local businesses. The unique approach of providing performance based marketing proved so popular in the local market place that we now market on behalf of a wide variety of businesses in most states of Australia and in an increasingly broad range of markets.

Built on a foundation of honesty and integrity everything about our marketing approach has you, the client in mind. We provide a tailored marketing solution that is easy, fair and results driven.

Both Antony and Simon have owned and operated their own small businesses for more than the last 10 years. Both guys have a great working knowledge and experience in small business and the challenges faced by small business owners.


There are Numerous Reasons Why the Bulk of Local Lead Marketings Growth has Come from Word of Mouth.


Proven Track Record

We have an ever growing list of amazing results and fantastic reviews from local businesses. We are always expanding our services and increasing our team and skill sets. We are proudly in many of Australia’s capital cities and represent businesses in the trades, finance and professional services industries.

Performance Based Solutions

We offer a wide range of agreements that are performance based. These are personalized to your business to be as fair as possible whilst being easy to manage. You are billed on a monthly basis based on the results that have been achieved. We work exclusively with one business per area to maximize the effectiveness of our marketing.

Personalized Marketing Stratagies

Each campaign that we market is given a large amount of personalized attention as to achieve the greatest results. We take care of all of the hard work for you so that you can focus on running your business. We create our campaigns based on your top services and customize all of our marketing to suit your individual needs.

Local Lead Marketing can Help you to Grow your Business