Case Study – iFix Roofing

Case Study - iFix Roofing



Introducing Simon D’Antino; the proprietor of iFix Roofing, a leading roofing company servicing Geelong & Ballarat in Victoria. 

Local Lead Marketing have been fortunate to have Simon as a valued client of Local Lead Marketing since the beginning of 2016 when Simon came onboard for not one, but three campaigns. 

Simon from Local Lead Marketing reached out to Simon from iFix Roofing early in 2016 with a roofing enquiry that needed looking after. Local Lead Marketing at that time did not have a partnership in place with a local Ballarat roofer so needed someone to take care of the customer. Luckily, Simon was obliging and looked after the customer.

Following on, discussions between Simon and Local Lead Marketing resulted in a new agreement to market three campaigns for Simon; Ballarat, Bendigo & Geelong.   


In depth analysis and keyword research was carried out to determine the best approach to the marketing campaigns for Simon. It was determined that the roof restoration keyword/service would be the most successful campaign.

The analysis also revealed that an estimated 25-30 leads per month per campaign would be possible.


The team at Local Lead Marketing went about building & marketing the campaigns for Simon. The campaigns were suitably named Roof Restoration Ballarat, Roof Restoration Bendigo, and Roof Restoration Geelong.

Local Lead Marketing developed the campaigns and applied their unique SEO & marketing strategies to the campaigns for several months and leads were being generated at the 2-3 month mark. The phone calls were sent direct to Simon’s phone.

After 12 months, the campaigns were consistently delivering 20+ leads per month each.

Soon after, Simon informed Local Lead Marketing that the Bendigo campaign was proving unworthwhile for Simon’s business as the travelling was becoming time consuming and resulting in a significant amount of downtime.

Three years down the track, the campaigns are delivering consistent, high quality leads for Simon and his business. 

Roof Restoration Ballarat – Website Screenshot

Simon D’Antino from iFix Roofing Testimonial

Simon D’Antino from iFix Roofing – Video Testimonial