Answers to Common Questions about
Working with Local Lead Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

1Are there any long term contracts or commitments?
No, everything is done on a month to month basis.
2How do I get started?
Use the Contact us form and one of our consultants will contact you to discuss your needs and campaign requirements.
3How long does it take to have my campaign live?
We can have your campaign live within three weeks. Your account manager will work with you or someone on your staff and take care of everything with minimal effort on your part.
4How much does it cost monthly?
There is a $99 per month campaign management fee. After that you are only charged for the results we send you depending on the type of agreement that best suits your needs.
5Can I use my existing website with Local Lead Marketing?
No, our sites and domain names are specifically designed to achieve local search results and to drive calls and emails to your business. This greatly increases your exposure in your market place and works side by side with your existing site.
6I already have a social media page such as Facebook, can I use my existing page in my new Campaign?
Yes, we can build your existing social media page into your campaign for you. We will even optimise it and simplify the process. If you are too busy to do this you can always get us to handle all of your social media for you, check out our Social Media Management plans.
7Is my new website optimized for mobile devices?
Yes, all of our websites are adapted and optimized for both desktop browsers and mobile devices.
8How will I track results?
We track and report your results for you. We send you a monthly report on rankings, traffic, leads and track all incoming phone calls and emails.

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