Lead Marketing


We Provide Exclusive, High Quality Leads Directly to your Business.

Lead marketing is a referral system for your business. We build a marketing campaign based around an industry specific website that we create set up to represent your business. We send the emails and phone calls directly to your business to maximize the conversion rate.

Our marketing targets what is known in the industry as ‘keyphrases’. This means that if someone types into Google a particular phrase our website or ads will appear in front of the user. We aim to make our leads as targeted as possible, we believe that the quality of leads is far more important than the number of leads. We focus on markets that produce genuine high quality leads from people who want your services.


We use a domain name that has the most searches in Google with an achievable level of competition.

For example we use the domain name darwinmortgagebroker.com for our Darwin Mortgage Broker campaign.

This style of marketing focuses solely on ‘keywords’ typed into Google and the other search engines. This means that it will work either in addition to your existing website or as your sole online presence.

Put us to the test. Type Darwin Mortgage Broker into Google. We are number one after the ads (these cost $30 per click on average by the way). We are above Mortgage Choice and Aussie.

We then picked a group of targeted ‘keywords’ and used our marketing strategy to rank highly in Google and other search engines. We are working on some very competitive ‘keywords’ for this campaign. Please see below for our current results.

We research each market place before establishing a campaign and...

...only work with businesses that we know we can produce positive results for


Instantly Increase Lead Volume with a Spend that Suits Your Budget.

If you really want to get things moving as fast as possible we offer paid marketing options that produce instant results to a campaign. We manage these services for you and have no minimum spend.

This is often a more cost effective solution than using a third party ad provider. Because the website and marketing campaign is so targeted services such as Google Adwords often reward you with a lower cost per action. This combined with our experience with focused ad campaigns and performance based agreements makes this an excellent choice to those who want to maximize results.

Contact Us to find out more about adding paid marketing to your Local Lead Marketing campaign.