Marketing for Locksmiths

Marketing for Roofers
June 7, 2018
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December 7, 2018

Marketing for Locksmiths

High Quality Exclusive Locksmith Leads(1)

We specialise in providing leads for locksmiths

Attention Locksmith Companies

Multiple locksmith regions are now available!

We are looking to partner with one reliable, licensed and professional locksmith per region. Lead volume varies form 25 leads to over 200 leads per month based on your area all at a great flat monthly fee. Current clients consider us to be “the most cost effective marketing solution” they have used. If you would like more information please contact us today – we only partner with one company per area and all leads are exclusive to you.

We want to work with you and to help you to grow your business. We offer a unique, hands free marketing approach that leaves you free to concentrate on what you do best – run the business. This marketing method is extremely effective for local services such as locksmiths.

Generating new leads and work is particularly important for locksmiths. One of the greatest challenges is to generate not only the quantity of leads but also high-quality leads that result in jobs being booked that will ensure that yourself and your team are busy. Locksmiths rely heavily on volume due to tight turnaround of work and this is where a service such as ours can be vital in the growth of your business. This article discusses the advantages of using Local Lead Marketing for your locksmith leads.

What we do

We do online marketing to make your phone ring and we do everything for you so you can run your business. The days of having a simple website and getting loads of new customers are over. The fact is that the competition is so tough that unless you are a professional internet marketer or paying for one you will find it very difficult to get new customers from the internet. That is where we come in. We are professional internet marketers, we know when any changes happen in Google and we make sure you always get found. For those of you that are internet savvy here is how it works;

Marketing for locksmiths infographic



Our results truly are what separate us from our competitors. We use advanced competition research to identify the keywords and marketing avenues that will deliver the greatest results for your area. We only work with clients that we know we can deliver a healthy lead volume to. The sceenshot below is for the call volume from the North Brisbane area;

Lead_generation for Locksmiths stats

Why we specialise in marketing for locksmiths

We first got started working with locksmiths when we were contacted by a potential client that had heard of us through a friend of a friend. As you may know our business has grown very organically with friends and family and referrals from there. This was one of the first clients that we took onboard that we did not know personally. This gave us a real sense of drive to achieve great results and to prove ourselves in a new marketplace. Well we did more than that, this campaign greatly exceeded not only our client’s expectations but also our own. It has become one of the best performing campaigns so much so that out clients has had to hire more staff and is even moving into some new regions with our help. You can see the results above and the feedback from this client adjacent. This client has since cancelled all other forms of marketing as the lead volume that we generate in more than enough for the business to grow. We have been marketing on behalf of this client for some years now and we believe that the locksmith niche is a perfect fit for our marketing approach.



We are happy to announce that we are rolling locksmith campaigns across Australia. We are able to work with locksmiths national wide but remember we only work with one locksmith per area so first in best dressed. Below is a list of some areas that we have identified as great opportunities for us to work with you in.

If you are not in one of these areas please be sure to contact us to see if we can work with you in your local area.