Local Lead Marketing Portfolio


Our portfolio of campaigns, websites and associated properties make up our inventory of a successful lead generation strategy.

All of our campaigns are owned and operated by us giving us complete control over all aspects of those campaigns including designs, marketing strategies, advertising strategies, social media and future direction.

Our lead generation strategy includes only allowing one client per area per industry. This gives exclusivity to our clients to the leads.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any inquiries about any of the following campaigns. If you don't see something you're looking for or have any suggestions, we're always happy to have a discussion about new areas and industries.



Roof Restoration Sydney Screenshot

Roof Restoration Sydney

Status: Engaged
URL: http://roofrestoration-sydney.com/

Roof Restoration Sydney is one of our original campaigns and performs extremely well. Number 1 in Google for many keywords including the main keyword "roof restoration "Sydney" which to rank for in a city as large as Sydney is quite an achievement.



Roof Restoration Darwin Screenshot

Roof Restoration Darwin

Status: Available (Inquire Now)
URL: http://roofrestorationdarwin.com/

Roof Restoration Darwin is doing very well in Google by being ranked number 1 for many keywords. Currently the campaign generates 15-20 calls per month. We had a client for this campaign who no longer wants the leads, so the campaign is available.


Roof Restoration Hills District Screenshot

Roof Restoration Hills District

Status: Engaged
URL: http://roofrestorationhillsdistrict.com.au/

Roof Restoration Hills District is a area specific campaign. It is in its early stages of SEO marketing and already producing a small amount of leads to the client. This campaign has medium competition but offers very good search volume for our clients services.


Roof Restoration Eastern Suburbs Screenshot

Roof Restoration Eastern Suburbs

Status: Engaged
URL: http://roofrestorationeasternsuburbs.com.au/

Roof Restoration Eastern Suburbs is designed to target a very specific area. The client for this campaign wanted to work locally and on a region that had larger older style roofs that are due for restoration or replacement. We created this campaign to fulfill both of those needs.


Property Investment Newcastle Screenshot

Property Investment Newcastle

Status: Engaged
URL: http://propertyinvestmentnewcastle.com.au/

Property Investment Newcastle is a unique and exciting campaign. We have combined our clients amazing knowledge of investment strategies with a broader reach. This has resulted in some great outcomes for both him and his very appreciative clients.


Darwin Mortgage Broker Screenshot

Darwin Mortgage Broker

Status: Engaged
URL: http://darwinmortgagebroker.com/

Darwin Mortgage Broker is one of our first and most successful campaigns. Our client had tried a broad range of paid marketing strategies but none have offered even close to the long term success of our marketing efforts. We hold over 7 number keywords for this campaign.


Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour screenshot

Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbour

Status: Engaged
URL: http://mortgagebrokercoffsharbour.com/

Mortgage Broker Coffs Harbor is a great area wide campaign. This particular client offers a mobile service, we were able increase his exposure for his entire service area as well as increase the awareness of other services that he offered that people may not have been aware of.


Mortgage Broker Central Coast Screenshot

Mortgage Broker Central Coast

Status: Engaged
URL: http://mortgagebrokercentralcoast.com/

Mortgage Broker Central Coast is a region wide campaign for a mobile broker based in the suburb of Terrigal. This client already had an existing website and YouTube video series that was underperforming. We were able to create a good boast to their lead volume with a targeted marketing approach.


Cairns Mortgage Broker Screenshot

Cairns Mortgage Broker

Status: Engaged
URL: http://cairnsmortgagebroker.com/

Cairns Mortgage Broker is a city wide campaign. This client only services the city of Cairns for a portion of the year. Using Adwords as a boost to the marketing when he is in town we are able to make sure that his appointment books are full when he needs them to be.


Roof Restoration Brisbane

Roof Restoration Brisbane

Status: Engaged
URL: http://roofrestoration-brisbane.com/

Roof Restoration Brisbane is a fairly young campaign in which we are currently actively marketing to achieve a good position in Google. Even though it is a young campaign, it is generating leads already. A campaign such as this one can take more marketing effort since it is in a capital city.


Roof Restoration Canberra Screenshot

Roof Restoration Canberra

Status: Available (Inquire Now)
URL: http://roofrestorationcanberra.com/

Our Roof Restoration Canberra campaign is currently generating 10 - 15 leads per month and this campaign is available for rent now. It is an aged website and well established in Google. Based in the nations capital, this is a solid campaign. Contact Us now to discuss renting this campaign and start receiving leads instantly.


Roof Restoration Wollongong Screenshot

Roof Restoration Wollongong

Status: In Negotiations
URL: http://roofrestorationwollongong.com/

Roof Restoration Wollongong is an "up and coming" campaign of ours that currently generates 20+ leads per month. It is performing very well and generates leads from all over Wollongong. We are currently in the process of on-boarding a very respectable roofing company from Wollongong for this campaign.


Roof Restoration Geelong Screenshot

Roof Restoration Geelong

Status: Engaged
URL: http://roofrestorationgeelong.com.au/

Roof Restoration Geelong is a very successful campaign and is a part of a triple campaign designed and setup for a prominent roofing company in the area. This website appears in a great position in Google search for many related keywords and generates more than 30 leads per month.


Vinyl Floor Restoration Screenshot

Vinyl Floor Restoration

Status: Engaged
URL: http://vinylfloorrestoration.com/

Vinyl Floor Restoration is a campaign that encompasses a very large service area of the Central Coast and Sydney. The service provided by this client is very specialised and has a very low search volume. To provide the amount of leads required we have increased the service area of the campaign.


Air Conditioning Service Sydney Screenshot

Air Conditioning Service Sydney

Status: In Negotiations
URL: http://airconditioningservicesydney.org/

Air Conditioning Service Sydney is Sydney wide campaign that has exceptional seasonal results with up to one hundred leads per month over the summer period. We are currently working on a set of keywords that will also drive traffic and leads to the site in the cooler months of the year.


Pool Fencing Sydney Screenshot

Pool Fencing Sydney

Status: Engaged
URL: http://poolfencingsydney.com/

The Pool Fencing Sydney campaign has been helped a well-established fencing business of 35 years get a better market share in one of its most profitable niches. This particular campaign moved its focus from the Northern Beaches area to the Southerland area to suit the client and still performs strongly with over 30 leads per month on average.


Glass Repair Sydney Screenshot

Glass Repair Sydney

Status: In Negotiations
URL: http://glassrepairsydney.net/

Glass Repair Sydney is a long running campaign that has been focused on providing leads for commercial, residential and emergency glass repair. This campaign serves to both deliver leads for the service area of Sydney as well as leads to the physical address of the client. This campaign averages 20-30 leads per month.


Roof Restoration Newcastle Screenshot

Roof Restoration Newcastle

Status: Engaged
URL: http://roofrestorationnewcastle.net.au/

Another one of our top performing campaigns - Roof Restoration Newcastle has taken some time to get performing well due to heavy competition however now at times is generating 6 - 8 leads per day. The leads are high quality, genuine interest leads and is making our business partner on this campaign very happy.


Roof Restoration Townsville Screenshot

Roof Restoration Townsville

Status: Engaged
URL: http://roofrestorationtownsville.com/

Servicing the far north Queensland town of Townsville, this campaign is a smaller, "quiet achiever" campaign. It generates a steady number of leads at around 2 - 4 per week, which is expected of a smaller populated town.


Roof Restoration Cairns Screenshot

Roof Restoration Cairns

Status: Available (Inquire Now)
URL: http://roofrestorationcairns.com/

This campaign is available now for a suitable roofing business in Cairns. It generates 2 to 4 leads per month without any marketing done to it by us. The campaign is over 2 years old and because of it's age, it wouldn't take long with some effort for us to get it generating a respectable number of leads.


Roof Restoration Hobart Screenshot

Roof Restoration Hobart

Status: Available (Inquire Now)
URL: http://roofrestorationhobart.com/

Our Roof Restoration Hobart campaign generates a respectable 3 - 5 leads per week and is another campaign that has not had much marketing done to it so you could imagine how good it would be if we pushed it. We're currently looking for a respectable roofing company for this campaign.


Roof Restoration Bendigo Screenshot

Roof Restoration Bendigo

Status: Available (Inquire Now)
URL: http://roofrestorationbendigo.com/

This Roof Restoration Bendigo campaign makes up one of three campaigns which were created spefically for a special order. This campaign runs very well and generates on average 15 - 20 leads per month, sometimes more. Our client who currently receives these leads is looking at leaving Bendigo so this campaign is available to a good roofing company in Bendigo.


Locksmith North Brisbane Screenshot

Locksmith North Brisbane

Status: Engaged
URL: http://locksmithnorthbrisbane.com/

Locksmith Northern Suburbs is one of our best performing campaigns in an extremely competitive niche and area. The city of Brisbane has been flooded with locksmith services and our client was struggling for business. We created an area specific campaign that provides 40-50 leads per month and has allowed our client to expand his business and hire additional staff to keep up with demand.


Roof Restoration Campbelltown

Roof Restoration Campbelltown

Status: Engaged
URL: http://roofrestorationcampbelltown.com.au/

Roof Restoration Campbelltown is again setup in a very competitive niche. This client wanted to minimize his travel between jobs. Our solution was to focus our efforts on the suburb that he lives in and the immediate surrounding area. The lead volume for this campaign is lower than a city wide campaign but the conversion rate is much higher and the client is happy with the lead quality.


Roof Restoration Ballarat

Roof Restoration Ballarat

Status: Engaged
URL: http://roofrestorationballarat.com/

Roof Restoration Ballarat is the third campaign in a trilogy of campaigns for a particular client in regional Victoria. This is one of our best performing campaigns, generating an average of 40+ leads per month. This sucessful campaign proves that our business model works equally well in regional areas as it does in more populated cities.


Roof Restoration Central Coast

Roof Restoration Central Coast

Status: Engaged
URL: http://roofrestorationcentralcoast.com/

Roof Restoration Central Coast is one of our oldest campaigns and it performs very well. The campaign is approximately 3 years old and generates on average 40 leads per month. The lead quality is high and consists mostly of roof restorations and roof replacements.