What is Lead Marketing

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Lead marketing works like a referral system. A campaign is set up to represent your business online and we monitor and record where your new leads are coming from (a lead is simply a new customer enquiry that comes as an email or phone call through our services). As professional marketers we know where the new growth areas are and how to get the best results for your business.

With so many forms of online marketing available to small business it is hard to know where the best results will be achieved. As a small business owner for over 8 years I have been approached by a broad range of internet marketing services wanting to sell me their services. Most of them are very confusing and in my opinion all of them are overpriced.

That’s why we use performance based marketing. You only pay for the results that we deliver and you don’t need to have any knowledge about internet marketing. We aim to make our leads as targeted as possible, we believe that the quality of leads is far more important than the number of leads. We focus on markets that produce genuine high quality leads from people who want your services.


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