Case Study – We Lock It Locksmiths

Case Study - We Lock It Locksmiths

A look at an independent locksmith business servicing North Brisbane


Stephen owns and operates WeLockIt Locksmiths servicing West Chermside and the general Brisbane area.

In early 2016, Stephen saw an opportunity to expand his Locksmith business by marketing to his local areas. Stephen recognised that building a strong local presence will result in an increase in business without having to increase his service area. 

After weighing up his options, Stephen realised that he couldn’t possibly develop & implement a new marketing strategy with his current workload.

Enter Local Lead Marketing.  


Within 10 minutes, Simon established with Stephen the service area and services that Stephen wanted to work on. After some analysis, it was determined that a campaign focused on North Brisbane would be viable and most likely result in an additional 30-40 leads per month.

Stephen was very happy with this and we would move forward with a Locksmith North Brisbane campaign.


Simon & Local Lead Marketing went to work and developed the new campaign. A website was built, social media profiles created, a custom dedicated phone number was acquired, and the campaign was up and running. No effort from Stephen was required apart from answering a question here and there.

For several months, SEO was carried out on the campaign and by the 6 months mark around 20 leads per month were being sent direct to Stephen’s phone.

By the 12-month mark, over 60 leads per months were being generated and by the 24th month, a whopping 200+ leads are being generated per month.

The impact to Stephen’s business has been phenomenal who now has an additional 2 vans on the road to service the additional demand.

Stephen is so happy with the growth of his business, he has not stopped here – he recently contacted us to setup a new marketing area on the Sunshine Coast for him.

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Locksmith North Brisbane Call Volume
Stephen Johnston from WeLockIt Locksmiths Testimonial
Stephen Johnston from WeLockIt Locksmiths – Video Testimonial